Úspěšný stavařský CAD systém od firmy Nemetschek představí řada sympózií pořádaných pod heslem „Be connected“ (pozn. red.: „Připojte se“), se kterými objede Německo, Rakousko, Švýcarsko, Itálii, Francii, Českou republiku a Slovensko.

Nejvýraznější novinkou v Allplanu 2012 jsou tzv. SmartParts, parametrické CAD objekty, které lze pohodlně upravovat při dodržení předepsaných kritérií. Jejich hlavní výhodou je snazší modelování geometricky složitých struktur. K vytváření těchto parametrických prvků slouží programovací jazyk SmartPart Script. Aplikace přitom umožňuje importovat data i z jiných skriptovacích jazyků, jako je například GDL, nebo soubory z programu Google SketchUp. Velkou zásobárnou parametrických prvků slibuje být připravovaná služba Allplan Connect.

Parametrické prvky SmartParts v programu Allplan 2012

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Allplan 2012 Announced

Includes SmartParts parametric CAD objects

MUNICH, Germany, Oct 7, 2011 – Nemetschek Allplan, leading European provider of software for the design and management of buildings, presents new version Allplan 2012. This contains numerous improvements that makes architects‘ and civil engineers‘ work processes even more efficient. The new features include: SmartParts (parametric CAD objects), a direct connection to Allplan Allfa Web, the integration of international standards for the US and Brazil and an optimized work process in reinforcement planning. Symposiums in with the motto “Be connected” will be held across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Czech and Slovakia as part of the product presentation. Customers and prospects are warmly invited to make use of this platform, to exchange information and to network – at a personal and technical level.

Example of SmartParts in Allplan 2012

“Allplan 2012 represents an additional milestone when it comes to increasing productivity and work quality in the AEC sector. By integrating Allplan and Allplan Connect, our international online portal, both content and information can be integrated directly in the planning and design process. Furthermore, the ability to parametrically define objects means that customer-specific designs can be enriched with the catalog elements made available by manufacturers,” explains Peter Mehlstäubler, General Manager of Nemetschek Allplan GmbH.

Overview of the new Allplan 2012 features:

SmartParts – intelligent modeling functionality

Allplan 2012 provides a new, powerful 3D modeling functionality with independent, parametric Allplan CAD objects. As a result of the CAD system-independent business logic, they behave intelligently and support object changes, variations, freeform solids and the merging of flexible, prefabricated components (assembly construction and working method) easily and in real time. While architects primarily benefit from SmartParts in the interior/exterior, engineers have numerous fixtures and special components. Geometrically complex structures can be modeled far more easily, as well as subsequently changed. Allplan users can quickly create high-quality, realistic planning documents with a minimal risk of errors. The easy-to-learn programming language SmartPart Script also means that individual and parametric 2D/3D objects can be created. At the same time, it is possible to import other compatible script languages such as GDL and integrate Google SketchUp files.

Premium content on Allplan Connect

In future, Allplan users will have easy access to premium content such as CAD objects, textures and SmartParts. Large amounts of high-quality, quality-assured data is available for download on the international service portal Allplan Connect. This data is constantly being added to. All CAD objects have a country ID, so a targeted search is also possible in international projects. The offering on Allplan Connect ranges from a user forum, download libraries and training opportunities through to technical supp

Optimized work process for 3D reinforcement

For 3D reinforcement, Allplan 2012 provides a comprehensive repertoire and supports the entire planning process – from the first architectural draft through to the finished reinforcement plans. In the new version, the work processes in reinforcement planning have been optimized so that form definition, placement and labeling are called in the predefined sequence, if required.

International standards for the US and Brazil

For international projects, Allplan 2012 Engineering contains a wide range of languages, standards, cross-section catalogs and lists. American standard ACI 318 and Brazilian standard NBR-6118 have now also been included. Portuguese has been added to the list of available languages.

Allplan Allfa – CAFM solution for your intranet

Allplan 2012 Allfa is moving with the times and can now also be used as a platform-independent web solution in the entire company without workstation installation. It also impresses with additional functionalities: In addition to space management, inventory solutions and document management, online reporting and WEB CAD graphics are now possible. With the link to Allplan 2012, AutoCAD and SAP, user-friendly capturing and editing of building and employee information is supported. Allfa Web makes it possible for you to directly export reports in PDF format. The Allfa-Web-Info information solution provides employees from all departments with access to current data and evaluations.

“Besides its widely recognized design functions, Allplan 2012 now also features high-quality parametric capabilities at object level – known as SmartParts. This intelligent and powerful 3D modeling function is the answer to an increasingly complex language of form in the world of architecture; furthermore it supports the construction and work approach used when assembling objects,” summarizes Sven Elbl, Head of Product Management at Nemetschek Allplan GmbH.

About Nemetschek Allplan

Nemetschek Allplan GmbH, with headquarters in Munich, is a leading European vendor of software for the design and management of buildings.

As a one-hundred percent subsidiary of Nemetschek AG, the company develops intelligent IT solutions for architects, engineers, building contractors and facility managers. The flagship product, Allplan, optimizes the entire creation process for buildings with regard to quality, costs and time and is used by more than 65,000 customers in 16 languages. Allplan covers all levels of a modern CAD system: from simple 2D drafting and 3D design to object-oriented building modeling with cost determination and quantity takeoff. Additional information is available at www.allplan.com.