Pro nativní aplikace spušťěné v operačním systému přináší webové úložiště Google Drive podpůrné rozhraní, které může sloužit jako hlavní prohlížeč a editor vašich DWG souborů. Vybrané soubory lze otevírat v prostředí softwaru AutoCAD WS.

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Google Drive Features Autodesk’s AutoCAD WS & Pixlr as Native Apps

It was only recently that the impending and anxiously awaited product Sketchbook Ink was shown live at the Apple main stage launch for the iPad 3. Now both Pixlr and AutoCAD WS are basking in the limelight glow of the Google Drive launch.

Upon installation of Google Drive from (getting 5Gig free space) I noticed AutoCAD WS was suggested to me as a “managed App” since apparently I had some DWG and DXF files in my Google Docs folder it migrated automatically or perhaps it was because AutoCAD WS was in my Chrome extensions but now a default native Drive app. Now AutoCAD WS will be my default viewer and editor within the Google Drive storage for DWG files.

For images it offered Autodesk’s Pixlr available natively in the Google Drive Apps. Now I can view and edit images from within my Google Drive on the web or desktop.

View of my Google Drive Folder with DWG files and then selecting one and it opens in AutoCAD WS ready for viewing mark up or editing.

And choosing the Pixlr Editor in Google Drive I get what looks like Photoshop with many powerful; features all without installing anything just accessing my Google Drive.

Pretty nice initial offering for cloud storage from Google that combines many apps to choose from including the Autodesk ones like AutoCAD WS and Pixlr.