Nezávislá konzultační společnost CIMdata, se kterou spolupracujeme při přípravě magazínu PLM News, zve všechny zájemce o seriózní využívání softwaru pro podporu spolupráce při počítačovém navrhování na mezinárodní konference do amerického Plymouthu.

Osmnáctý ročník prestižní konference PLM Road Map 2011, která se opírá o jména řečníků z předních světových technologických firem, proběhne ve dnech 4. a 5. října 2011 v hotelu The Inn v St. John’s v michiganském Plymouthu. Z pohledu Středoevropana je tato událost unikátní díky střetnutí nejvýznamnějších konkurentů z trhu se softwarem pro počítačovou podporu navrhování, které by ve zdejších podmínkách bylo prakticky nerealizovatelné.

Ústředním tématem setkání je rostoucí složitost PLM řešení a problematika jejich implementace napříč různými strukturami organizací. Se svými příspěvky zde vystoupí zástupci z řad společností produkujících CAD a PLM software a podpůrný hardware (Hewlett-Packard, PTC, Siemens PLM Software, Dassault Systèmes, Autodesk, IBM) i uživatelé z řad významných zákazníků (General Motors, Northrop Grumman, John Deere, Ford Motor Company, Daimler AG, Procter & Gamble a další).

Jmenný seznam řečníků, odkaz na registrační formulář a další podrobnosti naleznete níže v originálním znění pozvánky.

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Speaker Line-up for PLM Road Map 2011 Announced

Ann Arbor, MI – For Immediate Release – CPDA, a CIMdata company, announces details of the speaker line-up for its PLM Road Map™ 2011 conference, to be held on October 4 & 5 at The Inn at St. John’s, located in Plymouth, Michigan. Now in its eighteenth year, this highly acclaimed event offers a program that delivers expanded analysis of the year’s most critical business and technology issues in PLM.

The theme for this year’s conference is the escalating complexity of PLM and the challenges cross-disciplinary integration faces across domains at all levels of detail. The conference kicks off with a presentation from HP’s Christian Verstraete who will discuss how collaborative product development can successfully address the challenges of rising complexity. Pendaran’s Dr. Hossein Nivi and Geometric’s Joseph Sahiouni will join forces to explain how the transformation and implementation of PLM serves as a unique approach for the full integration of information and people with PLM. Georgia Tech’s Dr. Chris Paredis will then consider the benefits and potential of Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML. PTC’s Andrew Wertkin will discuss the value of an integral PLM approach that drives innovation and quality for discrete manufacturers. Rounding out the opening plenary session, Altair’s Jim Scapa will take a look forward to the next decade in simulation.

A series of conference break-out sessions focusing in greater detail on PLM, geometric modeling, simulation, and mechatronics will follow. Each break-out track will offer a range of stimulating, in-depth presentations made by a dynamic group of speakers who will share not only their first-hand experiences in addressing key PLM issues but how they are gaining true business value from their technology investments.

The conference will conclude on Wednesday afternoon with a plenary session featuring presentations that will show how integration can be achieved across disparate disciplines. Opening the afternoon, Steve Bashada from Siemens PLM Software will consider PLM frameworks for comprehensive, integrated modeling and decision support. IBM Rational’s, Brett Hillhouse will take a look at how to manage complexity in automotive product development. Finally, Comet Solution’s Malcolm Panthaki will show how simulation is finding its way into the hands of a much broader set of users.

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Agenda Highlights:

Opening Plenary: Addressing the Mounting Cultural and Integration Challenges in PLM

  • Christian Verstraete, Hewlett-Packard Company – Collaborative Product Development to Reduce Time to Profit
  • Dr. Hossein Nivi, Pendaran, Inc. and Joseph Sahiouni, Geometric Ltd. – “Transplementation:” The Art of Transformation and Implementation for PLM
  • Dr. Chris Paredis, Georgia Institute of Technology – The Payoff for Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML: Targeting Tight Integration of Software and Hardware
  • Andrew M. Wertkin, PTC – Driving Innovation and Quality through a Systems Engineering Approach to PLM
  • James R. Scapa, Altair Engineering, Inc. – The Next Decade in Simulation: From Virtual Validation to Innovation Intelligence

Four interactive breakout sessions include presentations by the following speakers:

Addressing the Broader Horizon and Deeper Detail Confronting PLM

  • Dr. Keith Meintjes, CIMdata, Inc. (Host)
  • Christopher D. Hoffman, Cummins Inc. – Enabling Systems Engineering and Program Management Practices
  • Panel Discussion: Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with Roger Burkhart, John Deere; Dr. Horatiu C. German, General Motors Company; Mark Rupersburg, General Dynamics Land Systems; Mark Sampson, Siemens PLM Software; and Paul Weal, LMS International
  • Brad Holtz, Cyon Research Corporation – What’s Really Going On? Results from Research on Customer Thinking in CAD and CAE Use
  • Panel Discussion: The Cultural Barriers Facing PLM with Kevin Baughey, Dassault Systèmes; Wayne Collier, Siemens PLM Software; Dale Gallaher, Cognition Corporation; and Jeff Moffa, Emergent Systems

The Expanding Scope of Geometric Modeling Methodologies

  • Dr. Ken Versprille, CIMdata, Inc. (Host)
  • Jayeson Fougner, General Dynamics Land Systems – Bid and Concept Modeling using SpaceClaim at GDLS
  • Joseph Festa, Northrop Grumman – Fastener Insertion Live Link System (FILLS)
  • Scott Dudley P.E., ESI North America – Providing a Useable CFD for the Non-Expert
  • Panel Discussion: The Role of Direct Modeling with Blake Courter, SpaceClaim Corporation; Paul Hamilton, PTC; Mike Ray, Dassault Systèmes; and Bob Williams, Autodesk

Integrating Simulation across the Entire Product Lifecycle

  • Dr. Keith Meintjes, CIMdata, Inc. (Host)
  • Sassan Khoubyari, Ford Motor Company – Ford Integrated Design & Analysis Template-based Methodology Drives Upfront Quality Engineering Decisions
  • Simon Xu, General Motors Global Engineering Center – A Synthesis Approach to Automotive Body Development and Optimization
  • Walter Bauer, Daimler AG – A Customized Tool to Integrate CAE Analysis with STAR-CCM+ to an XML based PLM Environment
  • Panel Discussion: Dealing with Complexity: The Challenges of Distributed Data with Matt Dunbar, SIMULIA; Dr. Arthur H. Fairfull, Granta Design; Prasad Mandava, Visual Collaboration Technologies; and Dave Mitchell, Siemens PLM Software
  • Dr. Keith Meintjes, CIMdata, Inc. – Simulation Frameworks: Industry Trends and Current Issues

The Payoff and Challenges of Mechatronics and Digital Manufacturing

  • Rich Wells, CIMdata, Inc. (Host)
  • Len Wozniak, General Motors – Combining PLE and PLM in the Production of Embedded Controls
  • Fred R. Stolfi, Ph.D., Columbia University – Benchmark of Industry Leaders in the Integration of Electronics Mechatronics Systems
  • Andy Jones, Applied Manufacturing Technology – Hosting the Full Development Cycle for Digital Manufacturing
  • Tim Storer, Procter & Gamble
  • Panel Discussion: Mechatronics with Thomas Hoffman, Siemens PLM Software; Jon Riley, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences; Dr. Peter Schmitt, Dassault Systèmes DELMIA Corporation; and Frederick L. Thomas, Apriso

Closing Plenary: Achieving Successful Integration across Disparate Disciplines

  • Stephen M. Bashada, Siemens PLM Software – A PLM Backbone for Comprehensive, Integrated Modeling and Decision Support
  • Brent Hillhouse, IBM, Rational Software – Managing Complexity in Automotive Product Development
  • Malcolm Panthaki, Comet Solutions – The Democratization of Simulation with Intelligent Templates

About PLM Road Map™ 2011

PLM Road Map™ 2011 is a strategic conference focused on the next generation of PLM integration. Explore first-hand the progress, opportunities, and roadblocks currently confronting end-users.

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